Company Values

Mission Statement

Wallace International’s mission is to be the leading provider in an International supply chain of services, that pursues growth with operational excellence, trust & passion. A determined, positive and energetic team that embraces change and encourages innovation & promotes long term partnerships with Industry & Government!

Company Policies and Ethical Standards

Company Values

Wallace International conducts business structured on a National basis in an ethical manner guided by the principles of the Founding and Managing Director. It has a commitment to integrity of which all employees from storeman, drivers, administration, operations and management abide. Comprehensive compliance training, corporate policies and procedures, and respectful relationships among colleagues ensure a good continued business conduct.

Wallace International’s values therefore reflect the principles, commitments and expectations of our Industry, the employees, Government departments and the Public. Being Trusted with compliance issues, privacy issues, employment issues, client confidentiality etc play a big role in our commitment and respect to Industry! Wallace ensures it maintains the highest level of legal, moral and ethical standards with our dealings with clients, suppliers, agents, offices, employees and Government departments alike!