Customs Import Clearance

Our team of dedicated and experienced licenced customs brokers offer a personalised service to any company or individual. We seek out the best available options for our client and provide an overall solution to their importing requirements.

Online electronic initiatives with shipping lines and stevedores and communication with the Australian Border Force (Customs) and Department of Agriculture and Water Services (Quarantine) allows for the efficient processing of documentation and in turn allows for the timely and cost effective release of import & export cargo.

Wallace International offers trade consulting services on all Customs, Quarantine, shipping & other industry related matters that include;

  • Tariff concession applications
  • Enhanced project bylaw schemes
  • Tradex & related industry schemes
  • Duty drawbacks
  • Quarantine procedures, laws & legislation
  • Landed costing
  • Trade acts & regulations
  • Commerce acts & regulations
  • Restricted & prohibited import regulations

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