It is important to understand that as a first time importer, that there is no such thing as a “silly question. “  Importing can be a daunting process and without the correct information, can be a minefield of problems including penalties, storage, detention, quarantine treatments, additional and external cargo unpacking, trade restrictions, quality issues, infringement notices, seizure of imported goods, destruction of goods etc., the list is endless. Your first step in importing should be to call your local Wallace International Office to guide you through the process.

Research and understanding is paramount when a decision has been made to venture into the international trading arena. Understanding the country in which you are dealing and the culture in which you are entering is a must. Research and understand your obligations, along with your rights and responsibilities. Speak with a licensed broker to understand the import liability , tariff import duty, tax rates, classifications, Quarantine and other government interests, permits, treatments, restrictions, prohibitions, trade and commerce practices, etc.,.

Wallace International is committed to helping Australian businesses develop on the international stage. Our core business is to help you develop and grow your core business by streamlining the international trade process and minimizing any associated risks and costs. Below we have compiled an importers check list to give a brief overview of the possible importing process you may need to consider. Please be advised that once you have an understanding of how you would like to proceed, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced Wallace International staff member to help you with the process.

Importers Check list:


  • Product Description & Composition
  • Research & qualify potential supplier(s)
  • Start the Import process with Supplier confirmation
  • Tooling / Moulds, manufacturing set up costs – if applicable
  • Samples important for new products developed
  • Packaging / Labeling / Inners & outers
  • Production samples accepted & confirmed


  • Finalize product specification
  • Book shipment with a Wallace International
  • Payment Arrangements finalized
  • Ship

Post Purchase

  • Wallace International – Customs & Quarantine clearance
  • Wallace International local transport
  • Wallace International – Warehousing – if applicable

Again, it is extremely important that 1st time Importers are aware of the dangers of Importing without speaking with professionals who research & understand the processes involved when purchasing or manufacturing products overseas.

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